Thursday, February 10, 2011

Devil in a Skirt

And if my little faux bird-flipper wasn't enough to give me angina, a friend alerted me that not all was as wonderful with number one son as I was led to believe.

Her son reported--repeatedly--that Nic's been on the receiving end of negative attention from a mean girl who is purportedly supposed to be helping him at lunch.

I spent a good chunk of today on the verge of tears.

I took a longer route home. Picked up the boys, allowed them to lead me around on elevator and movie adventures. Said little. Listened a lot. And then broached the subject about Nic's frenemy with him over dinner.

After vehement denial that this girl would ever be mean to him, he understood the source, what I was telling him, then insisted that he denounce her to all and sundry.

"NO," I replied firmly. "You will be polite, but you will not give her any reason to attack you. Okay?"

He insisted on telling the principal. We compromised on letting me handle it via email and phone with the people who work closest with him. They will be better prepared to deal with the nuances of the situation if they know what's doing. Because apparently, I know something right now that they don't.

Nic promised me discretion. And peace.

I hope he does a better job of keeping his promises than his bird-flipping brother did today.

Tomorrow is another day. I will hope for the best. Because there is no other option.

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