Friday, March 19, 2010

Gold tested in fire

The good thing about the current commute is the time to clear my head and my chakras.

This morning, being Friday, I had a pretty full week of events to review. Four phone calls, two from the principal, in 5 days RE: Nic (only one of those for the bus--the other three were for recess and computer class--not that it matters or affords me a whole heck of a lot of comfort). A Reiki class, which was time well spent with friends and getting in touch with some abilities I knew I had buried underneath all my neuroses, work, a whole note unto itself, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, which will haunt me for the rest of my days, and the evolution of social skills in both of my boys.

It's been a pretty intense week. And I didn't touch on the half of it.

But I want to focus this note on an epiphany I had on the ride in this morning. Call number 10 for the school year about the bus from the principal came yesterday afternoon. As previously mentioned, B has been systematically harassing Nic all year. Yesterday, he and his posse surrounded Nic on the bus ride in and teased him. Nic, per his script, went straight to the principal.

She asked Nic if he would feel safer sitting in an assigned seat in the front of the bus. He said yes.

She then called B to the office. B, as he has done previously, said that Nic is too sensitive.

After I got over my initial impulse to walk over there and strangle the little sh*t, I took a deep breath and reflected on some good in the situation.

Nic didn't blow up on the bus. That's a first. He kept it together and went to the principal. Which tells me that he GETS what B is doing.

And B does have a point, even if I do want to choke him. Nic *is* too sensitive and does need to learn to contain himself. And he is. By God, he is, isn't he?

I turned the boys out of the house this glorious week, and Nic actually interacted with some kids from the neighborhood, rode his bike, and I sent him to the store for the first time. Yes, I had to fight him to get my money back, but he went in and bought what I sent him in for himself.

AND, a number came home in Nic's book bag yesterday. Nic made his first phone call to a friend to make a date to see a movie.

It's all good, even the crap that happens. Because he is learning from it. And growing from it.

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