Saturday, December 26, 2009

Had a Merry Little Christmas

And learned that less is indeed more.

The kids had a great time. We spent Christmas Eve in the company of ALL My sibs and their families this year. It made for a packed house, literally (27 people in a NE Philly row house), but it was a good time. We stopped by to help my uncle decorate his tree on the way home.

I was up before everyone yesterday am and came down and did some last minute 'Santa' work before the kids came down.

We bought much less this year, but the kids loved what they got. Perhaps because they don't want much to begin with, and perhaps because this year they could tell us exactly what they wanted.

In any case, I said we'd keep it simple, and we did. And it worked out fine.

We went to mass at our own church this year, and as usual, Fr M knocked it out of the park. We all stopped by to wish him a merry Christmas. Then off to BIL's.

We have nothing planned this week except dinner with my friend K on NYE. Nic has lost his puter until after the New Year--which is fine, because he is reading instead. We are also going to finish memorizing the damn multiplication tables.

YEAH. I'll finish cleaning up around here, and then time to relax. :)

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