Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Answer is No

God always answers prayers, but it doesn't mean you'll like His answers.

The mix of yesterday's events reminds me that everything happens for a reason. At around 3:30 yesterday, I received news that I had on some level been expecting. There would be no 11th hour reprieve for the kids' pool. It shuts January 1, and their lessons for the rest of the year are canceled.

Taken with an early am invite for the boys to go to a neighbor's house in the pm, things balanced. It was clear by the last-minute nature of the invite that the issuer wasn't sure she wanted to make it. After all, what if I accepted?

Anyway, I told Nic about it when he got off the bus. Initially, he said no, G could go and he would be quite all right by himself.

I promised him hot dogs for dinner if he went. Grudgingly, he accepted the deal.

G was happy to have an invite for a playdate.

So I walked them around the corner. I reminded Nic of the rules. I think he was happy to be invited, but understandably nervous.

I was surprised when mom threw me out. I made sure she had my number before I left.

This was a first. This is the first time I left one--let alone both--boys at some one's house for a party or a play date.

Of course I sat the whole time with the phone in my lap.

When I got them a little over an hour later, my neighbors were already there getting their kids--and they were going to bring mine home. And hosting mom approached me and told me how wonderful my boys were--and they were welcome any time.


So when I pull back on the pool thing and look at the bigger picture, it *MIGHT* be possible to think that my kids are ready for township aquatics. The pool just opened, it's zero-grade entry, and by all accounts, the only thing it lacks is the play area their pool had. Considering both boys are swimmers now, it may not be a deal breaker.

SO. I'll be contacting the township next week and looking to fill the gaps left by the program that no longer exists (it does, but for my purposes, it's off the table, as it won't come back--if it does--until September).

I still don't have an answer to my neuro problem, but one crisis at a time.

Oh, Nic is also managing the bully situation. He's friends with B again, has his bodyguards, but his teacher would not let him go to the principal about the other ASD kid who suddenly can't seem to leave him alone. I told him to stop by and see her on the way to class Monday am.

I know the teacher doesn't want Nic to get the other ASD kid in trouble, but bullying is bullying--REGARDLESS of who is doing it. And it needs to get dealt with.

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