Friday, December 18, 2009

'Don't give up on me'

I really need to finish clean out operations. But the truth is, I am overwhelmed.

One part of me would very easily like to resolve this by sticking everything in a trashbag and out to the curb and let the landfill deal with it.

The more socially responsible (and OCD) part of me wants to get pieces of toys ALL together neatly and donate.

In short, the second part is really screwing me. Especially since toys and parts are scattered among three floors, multiple containers and even the stuff I thought I had all the parts for (and have given away) are turning up.

It's enough to make any OCD person insane.

Anyway, thinking on my friend M this am. We talked at length for the first time in months yesterday, and I am haunted by her words as we hung up--"Don't give up on me."

How many times in life have I given up on people? More often than not, I'm the one who is given up because I am not as bright, popular, flashy or pretty as some. Lest I sound bitter, I'm not--I'm resigned to the fact that I am one of those 'friends for a reason or a season.' My two best friends have been with me longer than 20 years, so I don't much care--I'm not a people collector.

But for some one to say that to me? I guess she knows I'll be here when she's ready.

She just wants to make sure. And that's okay.

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