Monday, November 16, 2009

Letting Go

The last little while has been instructive. Currently, I am between things (yet again), and I have some time to take stock and consider where I'm going and what I'm doing. I think these lulls are either exceptionally well-timed or just the divine mediator telling me not to forget to breathe. Because sometimes I forget.

Anyway, the sun shines brightly overhead and I have decided that I will do all my phone calls and door kicking now, and spend the rest of the afternoon outside enjoying the sunshine. Walking. Hiking. Maybe I'll go REALLY crazy and bring my binoculars so I can bird, too.

I don't even have to clean the house; the boys did that while I was at church yesterday. Gabriel and I raked leaves for an hour and joked about the coal he would get in his Christmas stocking if he didn't behave. We all went bowling with our church and spent a very productive evening getting some errands run, and then stopped for some quiet time at B& N. We had nonstop birthday library action (2 parties plus errands in between to return library books and buy presents for party #2) on Saturday.

The next couple of weeks are actually quiet, since we are on hiatus from swimming and PT. I've opted out of a couple things. Just trying to get a feel now for what the boys need. Both had bad days last week, and grand scheme, they were just days. Nic's on the outs with his posse, but again, nothing lasts, and he is not telling us he's afraid of the bus, so I'm not stressing about it.

It can always be worse. So I'm happy with holding patterns. Because this one is actually pretty good!

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