Sunday, November 22, 2009

Heart Full of Thanks

I am just overwhelmed with feelings of love and gratitude right now. For my family, for my friends, for Fr M who once again knocked it out of the park when he asked the question: 'Who's in charge?'

I have long since ceded control of everything to God. There is precious little I have control over. What I do control is 1) what I do 2) what I think 3) how I react to what other people do and think.

So for me it's been simple. I have been kind to others. Forgiving. And giving when and where I can. I used to want to be rich and famous, and the older I get, the less these things suit me. I'm realizing that you can accomplish more quietly by how you live than by being all noise and light and no substance.

I'm realizing that my inner light is reaching a lot further than I first thought.

I need to keep following that, wherever it takes me.

As for the rest of it, coming to some realizations about other people and things I have known has been healing. Because now I know I did no wrong, and any wrong done me has been forgotten.

After all, nothing lasts but eternity.

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