Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What to do

So neighbor girl shows up on my doorstep with a friend yesterday after school, telling me Nic is having a hard time with some kids at lunch and on the bus.

I call Nic to the door. He insists all is well.

Neighbor girl insists that Nic is having problems.

Nic insists to the contrary.

Just sent a note to the support teacher. Never a dull freaking moment. I suspect that the truth is somewhere in between, as it always is, but how much is it bullying and how much of it good-natured messing around?

And of course bullying to some one might mean good-natured messing around to some one else.

And to further muddy the water, Nic can't tell one from the other unless it's really stinking obviously bullying.

I got nothing but heresay at the moment.

Frustrating. Some days I wish I could wire the kid.

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