Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Capsule Summary

I'm still backed up with stuff to do but wanted to quickly fill in some gaps.

On Friday, a boy from Nic's class showed up on his scooter after school. I was on the phone with Nic's teacher out front, so showed him in, thinking my boys would be happy for the company.

Er. No. I had to shorten the call because they chased him out of the study.

So, I get Nic's bike out of the garage and send him off with M. G and I followed to see if we could visit G's friend A from Kindy. Everyone's in, but I have an eye on the street, knowing that Nic is going to be coming back down sooner rather than later.

Sure enough, Nic rides by about 5 minutes later. I open the door and wave him in.

So I'm talking to A's mom, and M walks into the house without knocking and into the kitchen. "You need to force Nic to listen to me. He just left. Did you know he just left me? And my dad is coming."

I tell M that Nic doesn't do anything Nic doesn't want to do. He settles in and plays with A's younger brother, and they both gang up on Nic, who gets back on his bike to evade capture.

I send M on his way and things settle down. We end up staying for dinner. Dh shows up. We have a nice evening and have made some new friends.

I find a note thanking us for the visit in our mailbox the next morning. I write one back, thinking I should have written the first note, since we invaded their house, but anyway.

Andy's SIL had given us a couple of free tix to Dutch Wonderland that expired on Sunday, so we packed up the van and headed out. I wasn't thrilled to have to shell out another $60 and change for two more tickets, but we figured why not, life is short.

Didn't we find two people giving away free tickets? How cool was that. So we all got in for free and I was thrilled.

Considering what a hard sell it was to get Nic in the park, he had a blast. Both boys did. My mom brought us there with her BF a long time ago and I remembered very little about it, except that the Wonder House was kind of lame in an amusing kind of way.

Oh yeah. And the sky ride. I did the white knuckle thing going across. I'm not sure when that happened, but I remember having my legs dangle over the park freaked me out 30 something years ago, too.

DH liked the bumper cars. Nic liked driving the antique cars, G loved the fun slide. And I just loved the beautiful fall day and being out with my family.

We stopped at a great diner on 30 on the way home.

It was a good weekend.

While we are running into academic challenges, I have to say that Nic is making huge strides in his social growth. Gabriel loves K. It's exciting to see them both coming into their own.

They are, after all, growing up.

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