Thursday, January 13, 2011

When Life Hits 'Reset'

Late Tuesday afternoon, when weather-based cancellations rolled in, I fretted not. I needed a snow day to reset my head. So when the call came at 5:53 am yesterday to cancel school, my to-do list became my get-it-done list.

I answered emails, then made some pudding; I worked some, then shoveled the driveway. In between, my boys did some sledding and playing outside with friends (Did I actually type that? Yes I did, and yes, it’s true—these things actually happened). Black beans and squash soup cooked on my stove top while I circuited from my laptop to the playroom, office, and living room to make sure our guests and their hosts played near each other.

It didn’t go badly, but it reminded me I need to try to do this more often with my kids. It was a good day for them both, for many reasons.

As I put things away at the end of the day, I marveled at how close to normal our day was. Everything I see is through the prism of our collective difference. This day served to remind me, really, that we are more like everyone else than not.

Thanks. I needed that.

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