Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pushing That Bad Boy Up the Mountain

A red tail circled overhead as I parked my car yesterday morning at Arcadia. Since I was one of the answer folk at the IEP clinic, I took it as a good sign, but I had my lapis lazuli earrings and necklace on, just because communication is important and sometimes my mouth fails me.

It's always good to see my compatriots, and yesterday was especially good, since I was tiffing with hubby right before I left over the company I arranged (yeah, there's never a good time for anything, I am finding). I settled into Answer Woman mode and had three different people from three different areas in my life settle down in front of me--one asking if I was THAT Liz Lipp and 'my husband said I shouldn't talk to you.'

Guess what, she did anyway. And I wonder what the hell I did to him to merit that kind of response. I don't even KNOW these people.

Anyhoo, I sat down with another fellow warrior mom and did some brainstorming at lunch (found some answers for you, Karen, will message you right after I am done this note), and finished up the day doing more listening than talking. Which was fine. I learn a lot when I am supposed to be teaching. I think that's the way it works.

Came home, whisked the boys off to soccer. Watched my lanky Nic sprint up and down the field and G hung on to his buddy as he did his drills on his field. The wind howled across the field and I wonder whose p*ssed off spirit was driving it.

Best part of the day was a dinner visit from a family we know from school, their boys the same age and grade as ours. Nice time with simpatico people who look beyond labels. And push me to think beyond them, too.

Days like yesterday remind me that there are results to my actions. The results are never fully revealed to me, but I am given just enough of a glimpse to know I am making some sort of difference. And to keep moving forward.

Fr M I think needed to hear that this am. I made it a point to tell him after church. He smiled, squeezed my hand, and said "You are always so tremendously in my corner, and I need that, and I thank you. And thank you for loving your kids as much as you do and being such a great example."

Wow. I think *THAT* was a singularly cool Mother's Day gift.

Thank you, Father M, and thank YOU. You keep me focused, inspired, and always moving forward. Thank you.

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