Tuesday, April 13, 2010


It was inevitable. I was handed part of the audit to manage, and I ran with it. And got it done by COB.

My partner in crime noted that I did the managing thing before. Sure, it's been 10 years, but it's not something you forget how to do.

It feels good.

I was thinking of something today, a phrase I heard a lot when I was growing up. "Put away."

I pictured getting stuck in a cabinet, some one shutting and locking the door, and whomever was in it never getting seen again. Actually, institutionalization kind of worked like that--if you had anything wrong with you, something as mild as anxiety, or as severe as autism, got you a one-way ticket to the inside of the cabinet.

Then they closed Byberry and all the state hospitals. I remember when that happened. Oddly about the same time they stopped corporal punishment in parochial schools.

The reason I bring this up is because of something that hubby said about how people treat our kids, how they sort of back up and get a pitying look about them when they realize that our kids aren't 'normal.'

What is normal, anyway? My kids are fine, and doing better all the time.

And I sense sometimes the resentment of those around me, having to be 'subjected' to my kids.

Ah well. All I can say is that they better get over it at worst and get used to it at best--because my kids? They will not be 'put away.'

Like it. Or lump it.

(And I reckon some will lump it. Oh well)

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