Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Assume Competence

Very rarely is anything black and white, but sometimes that's how my kiddos see the world. And sometimes, that's the way the world sees my kiddos--Nic, in particular.

But there are two things worth mentioning: Nic broke two minutes on his 400 on Sunday, finishing a full 33 seconds faster than his race two weeks previous. True, he collapsed at the finish line, and also true, he tossed his cookies on the hill post-race, but he felt much better after and willing to take it on again.

He also has an agreement with the coach to try the 800 at the next meet. He and I need to get running. Weather has not been conducive.

I'm also waiting to hear what coach decides about the Penn Relays--with Nic, he has enough for a junior team. But he may opt to run his teammates up. As hubby reminds me, it's enough that he lets Nic run. I hear him. I do. But....


The other thing worth mentioning--Hubby's niece was in a musical over the weekend. He looked at me like I had two heads when I suggested we all go.

"But the kids....?'

"Can come with us," I finished for him.

When we arrived, we surveyed the seats saved for us (third row, center). I looked around, assessed that this would PROBABLY be disruptive for everyone around us and opted to move us all to the balcony--considerably less populated, allowing the boys to be themselves without too much fuss and muss.

And (surprise) they both had a great time, enjoyed the show, and neither of them needed to be removed (although hubby hissed at me to take our younger one out at one point--I refused; he was fine).

Moral: you never know unless you try. And the kids, as it happens, CAN do live performances.

Wonders will never cease. Fortunately.

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