Monday, April 11, 2011

All Spring in a Week

Nothing has cratered.

I'm used to crashing and burning, all an affair of my life with my heroes and villains (with apologies to Brian Wilson). We sign up for a half dozen things, and then one by one, stuff drops off because boy 1 or boy 2 decides he's done, and that's that.

We have scouts, now divided between two troops, track, now divided between two teams, swimming and practice, fortunately both together, bowling, ditto, and now soccer starts up this week, also fortunately together.

Unfortunately, the stuff done separately is starting to overlap, and we find ourselves, now two weeks in a row on a Friday, triple and quadruple booked.

Did I ever complain of not having enough to do? Really?

Before Nic's triumphant meet last week, we had spent the weekend camping with G's pack. Hubby and I brought two cars--just in case. And we managed to leave with two cars--not to say there weren't moments when leaving seemed like the right thing to do. Especially when things got a little too Lord of the Flies. Fortunately, we did not require the services of either First Aid or an ER.

Also, being surrounded by big men with bigger voices helped.

I suppose I should spend a moment ruminating about being the only female den leader, but it's actually not too bad, and I think spending a weekend in relatively close quarters with the, um, intensity that is my life with my sons actually helped my relationships with the other committee members. (I mean, the reason I don't do more for the pack is because my kids require intense attention. I think they get that, now).

Track was supposed to be my nonstarter, but Nic likes it. He finished four seconds faster in his 100 than his first run. I am working with him to pick up his times in the 400 and 200 this coming week, and also preparing him to run the 800 in the last meet.

I like it, too. I'm thinking marathon. Maybe.

Scouts, amazingly, seems to be working out for him. We'll finish out the year, and then see where we are come September. But there, too, Nic seems to be enjoying himself and getting a lot out of it.

And Nic made states for swimming again. I will go with him, this time as his 1:1. And we'll see how it goes.

We went fishing last night with friends. And once again, I am grateful for all the good and good people that surround us.

I still haven't figured out how to deal with the four simultaneous events this Friday, but I have four days to work it out.

Nothing has cratered.

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