Saturday, December 17, 2011


I'm still waiting for my head to stop spinning from the past week. This morning's run slowed it somewhat, but things continue to rotate a little faster than I'd like.

It all started with a phone call that initiated me into a new sort of elite (if you want to call it that) last Thursday. Meetings ensued. No threats were uttered, only the promise that it wouldn't happen again.

All well and good. But then I attend a training (ironically from the Archdiocesan arm of the agency who contacted me) wherein the trainer stated (and I quote): "in the case of developmental disabilities, you have to wonder which came first, the disability or the abuse."

Yeah. That resulted in a letter from me. I heard from the person who developed the training, but not the trainer. Kind of don't think I am going to hear from that person. Like, ever.

If these were the only things that happened in a week, that would be enough. But then, I also had to break up with G's music teacher (yeah, that's what it turned into--turned out fine, but I could have dispensed with the drama), G getting back on the big bus and coping with all the behaviors that move has generated (and thus thinking about moving within the school district so that the bus and bus stop ceases to be an issue--also, I think hubby would like to just dump the house and run anyway, and this is as good an excuse as any), and trying to repair relationships with the people who were responsible for the phone call in the first place.

Ripped pants may have gone a long way to helping mend some souls.

And so I find myself fixing other things, too. G's pack meeting on Wednesday went phenomenally well, thanks to hubby's contributions and the vision of our fearless leader. The kids had a blast and the adults were pleased at this.

I find myself thinking this morning of the word 'mishpoche,' which is Yiddish for family--particularly extended family (for those who don't know Yiddish). My friends to me are really not so much friends as family--and I don't use the word 'friends' lightly, either. These are people for whom I would move heaven and earth without a second's hesitation, and they would do--and have done--the same for me. I am fortunate enough to work with some of these people at my day job, and with the scouts, and with the parish and the kids who cross my path. I can't believe how fortunate I am to have so many amazing people in my life.

My mishpoches have gotten me through so much this week. Not surprising really, since they laugh with me as much as they do get irate on my behalf and help me figure out my next steps when things go wrong. I really am surrounded by love and support, always. I know it, and I appreciate it and thank God for it every day.

My mishpoches rock.

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